Geraldine Kilkelly, Irish Sports Massage Therapist

The many uses of Sports Massage:
Recovery - To enhance the athlete's physical and mental recovery from strenuous sports activity
Remedial - To improve a debilitating condition
Rehabilitation - To facilitate healing after a disabling injury
Maintenance - To enhance recovery from strenuous exertion, to treat debilitating conditions, and to help the athlete maintain optimal health
Event - To help the athlete prepare for and recover from a specific competitive event.  Event massage is divided into three subapplications.
1. Pre-event - To help prepare the athlete mentally and physically for a specific event
2. Interevent - To help the athlete recover from a specific event while preparing for an upcoming one
3. Postevent - To help the athlete recover from an event and either administer first aid or refer problem conditions to another health professional.
Sports Massage is received while lying on a massage table wearing loose comfortable clothing and includes a lot of stretches.